Shingles vaccination available for 70,71,72, 78 and 79 year olds - Over 65's eligible for a pneumovax vaccination
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Cookham Medical Centre
Lower Road, Cookham, Berks, SL6 9HX

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Dr Azmy Birdi

Dr Michael Sealy

Dr Anu Swamy

Dr Kenney Tsoi

Dr Lucy Follis

Patient and Practice Charter

This charter sets out...

What we will try to provide for you and what we need you to do for us

We are committed in this practice to providing the best possible medical care services. The way we can achieve this is by Patients and Surgery Staff working together. This patient charter sets out the way in which we may deliver the optimum care and explains the level of service which you can expect. Please help us to help you by reading and considering this charter and by participating in your partnership with your medical practice.

We will, as general policies:

We ask that you:

In general, you have a right to expect:

More specifically we undertake to provide these levels of service: