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Health Evenings

Latest Health Evening

“999 or 111 - What on earth is going on?”
Tuesday 15th October 2013

Andrew Battye MCPara Emergency Services Manager, North Area (South)

Previous Health Evenings

"Is the NHS getting better or is it terminally ill?"

Wed 7th November 2012
Dr Peter Roberts (Cookham GP and board member of the WAM CCG)

"Living with Diabetes or Living Without It"

Wed 5th October 2011
Dr David Dove (Diabetes Consultant at Heatherwood and Wexham Trust), along with Lorraine Knibbs (Dietician) and Dr Azmy Birdi spoke about Diabetes and reducing risks.

"Bones and Groans" - Wed 9th March 2011
Cookham Patient Participation Group (PPG) held a very successful health information, the subject being 'Bones and Groans', an evening on Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. A summary can be downloaded here.

"Choose Well" - Wed 6th Oct 2010
The 'Choose Well' campaign is underway, with emphasis on how to get self-help for minor ailments. A lot more treatments are available over the counter via chemists and patients are still confused as to where to go for what help. A summary can be downloaded here.

"A Real complaint or Belly Aching" - 28th July 2010.
This was an evening on colon conditions, and a summary can be downloaded here.

"Forgetful, or Something More?" - May 19th,2009.
This evening was about Dementia. A summary of the speakers' content can be downloaded here.