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How is my data used?

Many patients will have heard of the Summary Care Record and and many have become confused about which relates to what and how their information is used. Click below to find out the answer to your questions:

Summary Care Record

All of these initiatives are from the government to allow information on your health to be accessed by the medical professions who will need access to your information to help with your care and for better integration between different areas of the health service e.g. Out of Hours being able to see your last consultation with your gp, or district nurses being able to see that last time you had a blood test.  The more hospitals and community services have access to your records, the less duplication there will be, and the less patients will have to explain their medical history to ever medical professional who comes to see them. It is done with the aim of patients only having to explain their history once! All of this is done with the soul aim of improving patient care.

However for any patient that feels uncertain or anxious about their medical records, we would advise you opt out of the schemes.

Any medical professional (outside of your gp) MUST ALWAYS ASK YOUR PERMISSION before viewing any part of your gp record.