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In order to be referred to another healthcare professional a patient will usually need to see a GP first. This allows a review of the medical condition in the context of their medical history and discussion of treatment and referral options. There are exceptions, for example a patient may self refer to a private physiotherapist or chiropractic. NHS referrals generally take a minimum of 2 working days to dictate, write up and send to the hospital department. So please allow at least this period of time before phoning our referrals line.

Some treatment courses need approval by the CCG for funding before they can go ahead. For more information on Individual Funding Requests visit, or speak to your GP. You may also like like to read the leaflet on Will the NHS fund my treatment leaflet.

Private referrals

In some instances patients wish to be referred to a private consultant or specialist.  If it is appropriate then we are happy to sort out a referral for you. In the first instance please talk to reception. We would also ask that patients kindly give us at least 2 working days between the time the doctor agrees to do a referral and when you have your appointment, to allow for enough time for the referral to be dictated, written up and sent to the consultant. We would thank all patients that help us with this.

What should I do if I’m concerned because I haven’t heard from the hospital?

Patients in the first instance are advised to contact the hospital directly. We unfortunately do not have access to their appointment books or have details of which consultants are consulting when. Hospitals are termed as secondary care and the GPs are part of primary care, which means that while we work alongside each other, we are completely different parts of the NHS. Therefore, the hospital will be able to give you a better understanding of where your referral is within their system and when you can expect your appointment. We are only able to advise you on when the referral was written by us and when it was sent to the hospital or consultant.

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