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Shingles vaccination available for 70,71,72, 78 and 79 year olds - Over 65's eligible for a pneumovax vaccination
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Tests and Results

In all cases please telephone us between 12pm and 1pm to check your own results. Medical information and test results will only be given to the patient and only with the doctor's permission.

You do not usually need to speak to your doctor as they will leave a simple message to be passed on to you. This will either be “test results satisfactory, no further action” or “ask patient to speak to doctor”. There is usually no urgency to do this and it generally means there is a need for some further discussion or to agree a plan of action, it does not necessarily mean there is any bad news.

Before speaking to us, please allow at least:

If we do a swab test or you are given a swab test to do at home, please allow 3 working days before telephoning for your results.

For x-ray results please allow 10 working days.


If you are asked to provide a sample and for the health and safety of our staff: